I never get sick of company

I’m not sure what it is about my boat that attracts porpoises, but I love it. While sight casting for bull red drum last week a school of seven dolphins adopted me for about an hour… they swam with me, played, jumped and just generally hung out.

I’ve been fishing alone so much lately that I loved having company.

The water was dirty today making the drum hard to spot. That didn’t stop me though… While the drum are worth talking about, my favorite shot of the day is this dolphin. I’m over there so much, see so many dolphin and wonder if we’ve seen each other before… in my heart of hearts, I believe we have.

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The Cold ditch

No exciting Hot Ditch report today. In fact, the only thing worth photographing was my skiff sitting at the dock during high tide. I did catch 8 trout. No gators or “golly whoppers”, however I did see several wood ducks land in a batch of woods off the main river.

I didn’t have my 400 lens today so that picture will have to stay in my mind.

The biggest trout was 22” and felt like a blue marlin. For a brief moment, I thought I had a citation on the line, but no such luck.

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30 Trout, but who’s counting?



Spent the day with my good friend and Norfolk Anglers Club president, John Brown (JB to those that know him).

I started with the hot hand and caught 4 trout right off the bat. Then JB got hot and caught 50,000 (or so it seemed). We fished a few new spots and a few old favorites. The clouds were puffy all day and the light wind kept us plenty cool… just an amazing day.

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Jump Shot – and i don’t mean a basketball shot

While I’m sitting here waiting for the red drum to arrive, I’ve decided to go back through some of my shots to pass the time.

Here is an otherwise, boring billfish shot… no sail, no light, no calm water and no majestic skies. BUT when you look at the fish over the entire frame of photos I was able to snap, NOW we’re cooking with gas!

The best part of this sailfish was actually a sailfish I was able to catch. Thanks to modern technology (and a CRAZY FAST SHUTTER), I was able to hold the rod and the camera at the same time. NICE…

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A gaggle of Sushi

How many times can you photograph a tuna and not have it look the same? These kind of shots are almost impossible to make look good with natural lighting… mainly because light doesn’t always shine “up”. While trying to take a nice crisp shot of their eyeballs, I was excited when I got back to my studio to see the single drop of blood drip from one of the fish.

I  didn’t see that when I took the photograph, however it does explain how I got blood on my watch. =)


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3 Citation Trout, One Long Day

I was able to fish by myself today, but after catching three citation trout, I really wish I had someone there to snap some photos. With the sun starting to set, I laid them on my deck and grabbed what decent shots I could. After every shot, I needed to use a towel to wipe the deck down because the fish kept sliding down on their own slime.

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Eye see you

I NEVER get sick of photographing billfish.

This Atlantic sailfish really didn’t provide many (any) jumping shots at all, however, he did yeild this little gem. When he came to the transom, he didn’t put up a fight which allowed me to capture this wonderful head shot. His eye never really looked up, but then again, I wouldn’t want to look at my ugly mug either =)


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Broke Back Striper


I got to fish today with my buddies Ric Burnley and Evan Hipsley.

While the fleet seemed to be chasing bluefin tunas, I was content on chasing stripers. We did very well today considering most people got skunked. The oddest fish of the day, was the fish pictured below. When we landed this fish, he appeared to be suffering from a broken back… perhaps a nasty run-in with a bluefin gave him a back ache…

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